• server management

    server management

  • content management

    content management

  • multimedia production

    multimedia production

  • image processing

    graphics automation

  • e-commerce systems

    e-commerce systems

  • extranets and security systems

    private extranets

25 Years of Professional Internet Development
technologies we use
technologies we use

Web Development / Custom Programming
Custom Websites
Custom  Websites

Websites designed and built specifically for your needs. No limitations. Fast and secure.

Advanced HTML & CSS Production
Responsive Interface Design
responsive interface design

One website, built to work on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Graphics / Animation / Video
Multimedia Production
multimedia production

Graphics and animation production, media conversion, corporate identity and logo design.

Digtial Imaging Services
Graphics Automation

Automated image processing systems, secure upload systems, automated: data realization, watermarking and digital composition.

Content Authoring
Copywriting & Translation
copywriting and translation

Effective language and marketing that promotes your services, products or corporate message.

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We specialize in helping businesses succeed on the internet. Whether it is a startup or an established business migrating to the internet, we can help. Our telephone consultations are absolutely free, so have no worries.

Intelligent Automated Systems

Custom  Websites Custom  Websites

Data driven websites, product and inventory systems, member login, user data tracking, client admin, banking and payment integration.

Server Management & Maintenance
Server AdministrationUNIX
web server administration

Routine maintenance, server audits, cyber attack prevention and resolution, website backups.

Domain Appropriation & Relocacton
Domain Name Management
domain management

Domain: hunting, registration, reloaction, security and privacy

Organization Extended Infrastructure
Secure Extranets & Intranets
secure extranets

Private member websites, restricted access control, encrypted data transmission, password protection

Business Transaction
E-Commerce Systems
ecommerce shopping carts

Product catalogs and purchasing systems, credit card processsing, payment systems, customer tracking systems

Corporate / NPO / Government
Internet Advisory Servicesnew
advisory consulting services

Project planning and oversight, market research, unbiased expertise, technical oversight, website audits.

Ongoing Support
canadian support

Digital Spectrum always provides professional knowledgable and timely service. We are here to help. Your success is our success.